Listings Quality Policy

updated on May 1, 2018

Users of the Jerbit services (including all properties owned and operated by Jerbit, related data and/or related services) (collectively, the " Services ") acknowledge and agree to comply with the following Listings Quality Policy (the "Policy"). Jerbit reserves the right to remove any content that violates any of Jerbit's terms of use or policies, or is otherwise inappropriate. In the event that Jerbit discovers a violation of any of Jerbit's terms of use or policies, Jerbit may remove all or certain portions of your listings from the Services, terminate your Jerbit account(s) and/or restrict your access to the Services.

  • Advertising/Posting Listings. Except as provided in this section 1(a), listings (regardless of the type) may only be advertised by the real estate Agent (the "Agent") only. Jerbit is created for real estate Agent and shall not allow property owners to post listings. If an owner is interested in using Jerbit’s Services, they must assign an Agent.
  • New Construction Properties. Jerbit offers a product for new construction and developments and strongly prefers that the corresponding data be provided to Jerbit directly by the builder. As long as the builder has granted you the exclusive right to advertise a listing, you may advertise it on the Services via Jerbit Builder Team only. Jerbit may require that you provide the listing contract(s) that verify you have an exclusive right to advertise the listing. If Jerbit is unable to verify that you are the contracted, exclusive listing Agent, Jerbit may remove the listing(s) and/or your claim on the listing(s). If the new construction/spec property does not have an established address Jerbit may require you to use a Jerbit Developer feed provider to properly provide the listings to Jerbit. For additional information, please contact our team at
  • Prohibited Listings. The Services are limited to condominium only. You may not use the Services to advertise or post other real estate, which includes, without limitation, commercial properties, timeshares, and vacation rentals.
  • Limitations on Self-Promotion and Marketing. Jerbit strictly restricts the inclusion of self-promoting information on listings. This includes, but is not limited to, self-promotion on photos and/or listing descriptions.
    • Photos. You may not include marketing information, including, without limitation, an Agent's name, company name, logo, phone number and/or email address or any contact information on listing photos, whether as text, a watermark, or otherwise.
    • Listing Descriptions. You may not include marketing information, including, without limitation, an Agent's name, phone number and/or email address or any contact information within a listing description.
  • Listing Details
    • Complete Data Set. Listing that do not include a complete set of data that includes, without limitation, photos, listing description and home facts, will not be accepted.
    • Updates. Listing must be updated to ensure that Jerbit users have access to the most up to date and accurate information. Agents that post outdated and/or incorrect information intentionally will be reviewed for membership validity.
  • Commission Structure.

a. The listing(s) you upload must included 3% commission for sales and 1 month commission for rent.

Upload a listing: You will not upload inappropriate content that is not relevant to real estate and that is against the law.
  • 1. you will not upload outdated listing.
  • 2. you will not intentionally upload property below actual price
  • 3. you are responsible and will remove any sold/rented properties from the website.

This is just a highlight and is not the full terms and conditions. User are required to fully read and agree with our terms before using our service. This is a co-broking platform and you agree to co-broke all the listings by posting them on Jerbit.
This terms and condition has co-broke contract agreement.