Jerbit gives you a professional and personal real estate website. Your website is AI powered and can communicate with other agent's website to create co-broking opportunities

Agents co-broke because they need each other's listings and customers. When manually done, it causes time consumption and opportunity loss (due to missed connections). What if your website can communicate with your co-agent's website automatically, instead of you communicating with your coagent, and display co-agent's listings to your customers in REAL TIME. You can provide what your customers need instantly. Jerbit does the same work process, that humans takes days, in just 1 second.

This is how it works. When your customer search for listings that you don't have on your website. Your AI website will instantly communicate with all your co-agent's AI websites, find and display listings for your customer in real time (REAL TIME CO-BROKE* Pending Patent). Conversely, if you have listings that your co-agent's customer needs, Jerbit will automatically display your listing to that customer and increase your chance of selling. Co-broke to sell faster. Use Jerbit to co-broke faster.


Professional Online Presence

Online presence is important. Jerbit gives you a professional and high speed website under your brand. Build online trust with a professional look.

Real Time Co-Broke (pending patent)

Why waste yours and your customer's time by working manually? Get more viewings instead of losing customers because you have limited listings by using Real Time Co-broke

Sell Your Listings

To always be in the right place at the right time is difficult but with Jerbit AI, you can always be in the right place every time. Automatically, display your listings to your co-agent's customers when they need you.

Online Marketing

It's impossible to do online marketing without a website. Get a website, automate work process and do online marketing to see big results.